Board of Directors

Syed Maqbool Ali

-     Chairman Board of Directors

Mr. Ishtiaq Ahmed

-     Chief Executive Officer & Director

Mrs. Nida Jamil

-     Director

Mr. Ghazanfar Baber Siddiqi

-     Director

Mr. Abdul Basit

-     Director

Mr. Mehmood-ul-Hassan Asghar

-     Director

Mr. Aziz-ul-Haque

-     Director



Shareholding Pattern

Shareholding Pattern

Notice of AGM

Notice of AGM

Form of Proxy

Proxy Form

Name of Auditor of the Comapny

Feroze Sharif Tariq & Company

Name of Legal Advisor of the Comapny

A. K. Brohi & Co. Advocates

Election of Directors

Relevant Information shall be made available at the times of Election of Directors
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