Mr. Ghazanfar Baber Siddiqui

Born on March 12, 1966, Karachi, Mr. Ghazanfar Baber Siddiqui holds two Masters namely MSc. Chemistry (Inorganic) from University of Karachi and MBA in Marketing from The International University Independence Missouri USA.

His dual academic background enabled him to work with a diversified portfolio of products including Paints, Chemicals, Fibre, Food Commodities, Petrochemicals and others. He had 25 years of experience working in different roles from designing strategy to managing companies. He had 14 years of experience managing different product lines of global giant 'ICI Pakistan Limited’.

He played a vital role in framing the precise vision to operate Dewan Mushtaq Trade Limited, since a decade ago in the portfolio of Yousuf Dewan Companies which is one of the largest conglomerates of Pakistan. A unique blend of number of overseas and on job trainings has honed his skill set to keep up with the current market dynamics.

He also served as Chairman PEMA and now serving as a member of executive board of Pakistan Ethanol Manufacture Association.

Last Updated: February 26, 2019

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