The Vision Statement

To be the leader in textile industry by building the company’s image through quality, competitive prices customer’s satisfaction and meeting social obligation.

The Mission Statement

"Our mission is to be recognized as a premium quality yarn manufacturing unit"

"The unit is setup with an idea to cater to the premium market of fine count compact yarn to satisfy the valuable customers."

"To assume leadership role in the technological advancement of the industry."

"To benefit the customers, employees and shareholders and to fulfill our commitments to the society."

"Our trademark is honesty, innovation, fairness, teamwork of our people and integrity in relationship with our customer, associates, shareholders, community and stake holders."

Sales Tax Registration Number:       17-00-5205-005-28

National Tax Number:                         1850248-2

Registered Office
Factory Office
Dewan Centre, 3-A, Lalazar
Beach Luxury Hotel Road,
Karachi - 75350, Pakistan.
Phone: +92 21 3520 5244-5
UAN: + 92 21 111364111
Fax: +92 21 3563 0860
54 Km, Multan Road, Phool Nagar By pass,
District Kasur

Last Updated: January 25, 2022

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